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5 Benefits of an ArmPit Detox 

There are many benefits of an armpit detox. Here are five common common reasons why you should detoxify your armpits:

Increases the effectiveness of aluminum free natural deodorant:

SoulOshun ArmPit Detox was crafted to make the transition from an aluminum-based antiperspirant to a natural deodorant easier. Many customers are in favor of armpit detoxes because it can help natural deodorant work better after application.

Removes the buildup of antiperspirant or deodorant:

Antiperspirant works by temporarily clogging sweat glands with the goal of decreasing sweat. It does this by clogging the lymph nodes and leaving a chemical film on the surface of the skin. The ingredients in antiperspirant may be absorbed into the skin and lymph nodes. We encourage you to read the ingredient list on the container and you can determine if it contains unsafe irritants such as fragrances, alcohol, and other questionable chemicals.

Detoxes your body:

By removing “cancer-causing toxins” that create a film barrier and restricts lymph node drainage(sweating). Our armpit detox promotes the breakdown of this unhealthy film barrier left behind when using an antiperspirant.

Eliminates odor:

The promise of odorless pits almost makes taking a minute or two, as you move through your routine, to allow your arms pits time to completely dry seem worth it. Our detox formula contains antibacterial ingredients that can help deteriorate that unwanted film left behind by an antiperspirant while improving balance. Our natural formula does not contain fragrances and can help eliminate odor-causing bacteria.

Promote and Restore Balance:

• Every body is unique and there is no hard fast rule on when your personal detox journey is complete. However, here are some clues:

• Listen to your body, it will tell you when your detox phase is complete.

• Prior to transitioning from an antiperspirant to SoulOshum Aluminum Free Deodorant did you notice a film under your arms?

• When you can no longer feel the film barrier that was left behind by an antiperspirant - your peraonal detox may be complete.

• When you are confident SoulOshun Aluminum Free Deodorant provides you with upto 24 hours or more of odor protection - without the use of SoulOshun's Armpit Detox.

Bonus: If you are an individual with mild body odor, many of our customers have discovered they can use the ArmPit Detox alone.

Always perform a skin irritation patch test in an inconspicuous area of the body prior to full application. If you experience a rash, inflammation, discomfort, etc during the 24hrs evaluation of your skin patch test, please discontinue use.

We are not medical professionals therefore we are not providing or implying any medical advice. If you have health concerns always consult your medical practitioner and/or do your own personal research - prior to making a purchase from SoulOshun.

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