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I Love 2 Sweat Challenge

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

The largest organ in our body is comprised of many layers that serves to protect us through the process of ABSORPTION, detoxification, and elimination. The simple reality is your skin is the largest organ, and within 26 seconds, more than 57% of whatever you put on your skin or come into contact with will be absorbed into your bloodstream.

We have two types of sweat glands, eccrine sweat glands which can be found in the feet, palms, forehead regions. Apocrine sweat glands which can be found in the armpits and genitals region. We are sweating all the time whether you know it or not. Sweat occurs due to stress, exercise, or heat. The body can adjust the level of sweat production depending on those three situation you are in, but it is always working to cool your body and keep it at homeostasis.

Have you heard the term: “You are what you eat”? If so, what many don’t realize is how quickly what goes on your skin gets absorbed and much of that enters the bloodstream. So, bath and body products are more than skin deep; It can impact you on a much deeper cellular level.

Prior to completing your daily body care routine, take a moment of your time to read the ingredient label. Do you know if you are adding toxins into your body with your skincare routine?

How many of us know we’re exposed to thousands of chemicals that literally didn’t exist only 100 years ago? So using body care with pure plant therapy is not a luxury - it’s essential.

We want to help you find the SoulOshun. Visit our Herbal Dictionary section of the website to learn more about the herbs and essentials we use to formulate the body care essentials.

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