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With winter here, some of us deal with dull skin from time to time, while others have to battle dull skin every season if you have naturally dry or dehydrated skin. Good news is that there is a SoulOshun to help balance this skin condition as it is not permanent.

In the above sunburst, I list ways to relieve dull skin. It can be by cutting out habits that do not serve you such as smoking, nutritional deficient foods, not drinking enough water, lack of sleep, skipping sunscreen/moisturizer or not exfoliating often enough to remove toxins and or dead skin. It can be beneficial to reduce stress levels as much as possible by doing yoga, listening to music, dancing, enjoying active physical intimacy with a trusted and loving partner or finding a hobby to distract you.

Did you know the environment can cause dullness too? Although this is a temporary issue, it can still be frustrating to deal with during the fall/winter seasons when your skin tends to be drier. Also living in polluted areas cam cause your skin to oxidize from particles in the air and cause your skin to become inflamed and irritated.

To help combat this, always be sure to eat nutritionally dense whole foods, properly hydrate daily, cleanse, exfoliate, incorporate a botanical hydrating mist before sealing in moisture with a serum and or daily sunscreen. Bonus: include antioxidants in your skincare routine to help combat free radical damage. ✨ shop for your self care essentials.

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