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There are many benefits of an armpit detox. Here are five common common reasons why you should detoxify your armpits:

Increases the effectiveness of aluminum free natural deodorant:

SoulOshun ArmPit Detox was crafted to make the transition from an aluminum-based antiperspirant to a natural deodorant easier. Many customers are in favor of armpit detoxes because it can help natural deodorant work better after application.

Removes the buildup of antiperspirant or deodorant:

Antiperspirant works by temporarily clogging sweat glands with the goal of decreasing sweat. It does this by clogging the lymph nodes and leaving a chemical film on the surface of the skin. The ingredients in antiperspirant may be absorbed into the skin and lymph nodes. We encourage you to read the ingredient list on the container and you can determine if it contains unsafe irritants such as fragrances, alcohol, and other questionable chemicals.

Detoxes your body:

By removing “cancer-causing toxins” that create a film barrier and restricts lymph node drainage(sweating). Our armpit detox promotes the breakdown of this unhealthy film barrier left behind when using an antiperspirant.

Eliminates odor:

The promise of odorless pits almost makes taking a minute or two, as you move through your routine, to allow your arms pits time to completely dry seem worth it. Our detox formula contains antibacterial ingredients that can help deteriorate that unwanted film left behind by an antiperspirant while improving balance. Our natural formula does not contain fragrances and can help eliminate odor-causing bacteria.

Promote and Restore Balance:

• Every body is unique and there is no hard fast rule on when your personal detox journey is complete. However, here are some clues:

• Listen to your body, it will tell you when your detox phase is complete.

• Prior to transitioning from an antiperspirant to SoulOshum Aluminum Free Deodorant did you notice a film under your arms?

• When you can no longer feel the film barrier that was left behind by an antiperspirant - your peraonal detox may be complete.

• When you are confident SoulOshun Aluminum Free Deodorant provides you with upto 24 hours or more of odor protection - without the use of SoulOshun's Armpit Detox.

Bonus: If you are an individual with mild body odor, many of our customers have discovered they can use the ArmPit Detox alone.

Always perform a skin irritation patch test in an inconspicuous area of the body prior to full application. If you experience a rash, inflammation, discomfort, etc during the 24hrs evaluation of your skin patch test, please discontinue use.

We are not medical professionals therefore we are not providing or implying any medical advice. If you have health concerns always consult your medical practitioner and/or do your own personal research - prior to making a purchase from SoulOshun.

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Do you know there is a great debate amongst those in the skin care industry? We want to know do our customers know or care about the benefits of Essential oils vs fragrance oil?  Let's talk a little about both, look at the pros and cons and why we choose to deliver therapeutic SoulOshun's( get it ~ solutions) that your body can recognize and trust. This is by no means a comprehensive look at both but a summary of each (and these opinions are my own:).

Essential Oils

These oils come from mother nature ie. plant material and the oil is extracted out of each type of plant. There are steam distilled, chemically distilled either using hexane or another material to coax out the oils from the plant. Steam distilled generally costs more because this is the purest way to extract the oils from the plant. Essential oils come from all over the world. There are essential oils which are expensive and for good reason. They are highly concentrated and more potent then essential oils. In beauty products you only need a small amount of absolutes to have a fragrant product and we reserve these for personal care essentials that nourish and absorb into your skin with ease; such as serums, oils, salts etc.  We include rose and jasmine absolutes in our deodorants and moisturizers.

Pros: They come from nature and are completely natural. They smell amazing. They have aromatherapy benefits especially in leave on products.

Cons: They cost more then fragrance oils. You can't get a lot of scents like Blackberry, Pineapple, Apple Blossom etc. Various oils have caution warning ie. not safe for pregnancy, phototoxic meaning they are light sensitive. Many Citrus oils are safely protected under this umbrella.

Fragrance Oils

These oils are synthetically made in a lab by "man" for mass production and uniform commercial purposes, some have been approved to be less toxic or "skin safe" (not all are skin safe many of us experience adverse reactions to the unnatural elements assembled together to manufacture a fragrance). These oils are less expensive and due to the synthesizing process, the scent has been artificially magnified and often don't require as many drops to scent your favorite bath and body products. Many industry brands use these cheaper alternatives to catch your attention with strong bold scents that exclude therapeutic and or aromatherapy benefits.  Virtually any scent is possible with fragrance oils which is why they are so popular.

Pros: You can get any scent that isn't available in nature like Black Raspberry Vanilla, Pink Sugar, Pecan, apple, pineapple, strawberry, blueberry,  etc.  It is true the fragrances provide a wide variety of options, they are cost effective for the manufacturer, they do establish consistency in a bath and body product (this is an attribute that cannot be guaranteed when creating therapeutic personal care with pure essential oils.) and they can immediately capture your attention with a strong bold fragrance.  

Cons: They are not natural. They have no therapeutic or aromatherapy benefits, the  can contain questionable chemical irritants like Phthalates (a family of chemicals that come from plastics), Nitro Musk (several synthetic compounds that mimic a musk smell). These contain toluene with isobutyl bromide in the presence of aluminum chloride. There are many phthalate free and nitro musk fragrance oils on the market so ask the person you buy from if they are using this type of fragrance. Another con is a lot of people can't tolerate the smell of fragrance oils as the scent can be overwhelming, it can make some people ill or cause them headaches and many have reported negative skin reactions.  

We create and deliver therapeutic personal care SoulOshun's made with plants you have come to learn and trust. A few years ago we embarked on a journey of whole body wellness, this inspired us to source the purest plant based gifts mother nature has to offer.  Once we experienced the positive difference we easily became obsessed with the complex synergy harnessed in delicate essential oils. Naturally we began the process of phasing out our inventory that included fragrance oils and for the past 2 years we have only used essential oils. This post isn't about what is right or wrong because it's all personal preference. There are many customers who love fragrance oils and essential oils.

The question is how do you as a customer know the difference between fragrance oils and essential oils? Well you can always ask the person you are purchasing from or look at the list of ingredients on each product. Fragrance oils are usually labelled fragrance or perfume. Essential oils are listed as essential oils.  An example of an essential oil listing for Lavender would be Lavandula officinalis or Lavandula (Lavender) officinalis. There are various types of Lavender so this may vary greatly.

What are your favorite scents?  Do you have a preference fragrances or essential oils? Have you smelled both in one setting and experienced how your body naturally reacts or responds to both?

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As a proud mother of four children and nearly two grandchildren (my daughter is pregnant), I've embraced self care is an essential component in my daily routine. Life has presented me with interesting adventures and learning opportunities on my personal journey.

One of my adventures is centered around self care and cultivating a cycle of purpose driven love and grace. How many women and parents are guilty of pouring into everyone else while depleting all of their energy and resources - like me?

Well, on this journey of self-care and holistic wellness I will share some of my findings from continuous research; as I read medical periodicals, publications, study scientific journals and articles because as mama Maya Angelou said, "When you know better, do better."

Let's chat about the lymphatic system and how your attention to daily self care can stimulate this critical part of your immune system. The lymphatic system mirrors the circulatory system and is made up of vessels, tissues, and organs to help the body manage fluid balance, defend it from infection, and deliver nutrients while carrying away toxins and waste.

Lymph, the fluid that travels via the lymphatic system, contains oxygen, glucose, amino acids, and other vital nutrients, giving life to every cell in our body. It also carries away toxins and impurities, making the lymphatic system vital to our immune system and overall health.

The lymphatic system relies on muscle contraction, diet, exercise, and physical manipulation to function normally. Unlike the circulatory system, your lymphatic system doesn’t have its own pump. That’s where lymphatic massage comes in!

Research on the benefits of lymphatic massage is on going. In fact, a 2015 study was the first to find a link between impaired lymphatic function and sagging of the skin. Needless to say, this could have exciting implications for preventative aging treatments.

The lymphatic system plays a huge role in immunity and healing, the benefits to lymphatic massage are endless. For the skin, conditions like puffiness, acne, dryness, dullness, and even skin sensitivity can be improved and even resolved by simple lymphatic stimulation because it helps the body do what it’s meant to do: heal. You have the highest concentration of lymph nodes in your face and neck, so this means lymphatic drainage massage can really produce results!

As mentioned earlier, I use my fingerd to massage and stimulate the removal of excess fluid and toxins. I support my lymphatic system with a boost from plant derived vital nutrients contained in our 4 in 1 Cleansing Masks the ultimate companion to reveal your innerGlo.

SoulOshun Tip: A cleansing massage after sweating helps promote a radiant glow, all the while creating a lifting effect. The benefits aren’t limited to your face either, in fact, full-body lymphatic massages have become my one of my favorite things.

Check back later as we share best practices on how to stimulate your lymphatic system during your self-care routine.

Oshun Bonus

Use code 4in1 when you purchase our clay mask and receive 10% of and a surprise free gift.

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